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Polar Bear Design Services

Polar Bear Design offers a variety of web services, from simple web design to database driven applications and content management.

We start with identification of your website goals and audience. Next we outline a plan to achieve those goals and tailor the message you want to deliver to your audience.

With the groundwork in place, we create a design, including elements such as layout, color scheme, graphics and typography.

Once the design and messaging are finalized, work begins on building out the website. Your work in progress can be viewed in a private directory on the web.

Once the site is complete the site's files are uploaded to your web server and your site is LIVE.


If you require hosting services for your website, Polar Bear Design can give you advice on set-up, or can arrange a hosting service for you.

Content Management

Polar Bear Design has extensive experience with database driven websites. Using a database in the website's infrastructure allows you to easily publish and manage dynamic content such as calendars, photo albums, blogs - it can even be used to manage web page text.


Polar Bear Design also offers digital photography services.